A dimensional world!

Have you ever wondered what is my spot in the universe and how do I fit in? Almost seems to be so vast that you have no chance to answer that question. Maybe the answer is smaller than you are imagining.  We view ourselves as an intelligent life force that thinks we have most of the answers in physics, science, literature, and life  The fact is we don’t. We have learned to adapt to our world to provide order and a method of fitting in. As evolution demands, we adapt to fit the narrative of the influences in the world around us.

So what is the real answer to why we are here? First, we need to stop looking at answers like “why am I here?” All of us are onnected points of spiritual energy that are linked to together points of light and energy through the universe. What each one of does, affects the chain in some type of fashion. So as a negative energy is the opposite of a positive energy it affects the chain. The answer has been and will always be a chain of positive loving energy that once connected throughout the universe will release the answers you seek.

Assuming there are thousands of these type of vibrational energy connections, we can conclude there are dimensional energy worlds. Not all worlds have to be physical in nature. Jut look at the worlds you created within your own mind. These worlds and dimensions exist and can be viewed when you learn to tune in to them so to speak. As the weeks go forward I will train you to access these new dimensions so that you understand where they answers lie.


Upper World

Could it be true that there is but ONE unified answer which explains all of the good & evil in the world?  All of the supernatural or paranormal activities which science has yet to “prove?”  It is said that there are three worlds (and includes male and female aspects within each world) within this one earth realm (“earth” will often be spelled “urth” on these pages just because)…  

The UPPER WORLD is associated with the air, heaven(s), upper vibration body, spirit, breath, or even space, light, luminaries, sun, fire, spiritual gifts, prophecy, angels/messengers, male aspects, Holy Spirit, elusivity, life, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, interconnectedness, paranormal/supernatural,  spirits/ghosts, “tree of life,” etc. (paradox: also has female aspects of wavering, ebbs & flows, softness, gentleness, love, forgiveness, peace, right brain/left eye, why women are said to be naturally more spiritual than men, curved lines in sacred geometry, circles, magnetic, myth, timeless, eternal, shifting, life, El Shaddai, Shechinah, etc.)….

the MIDDLE WORLD also known as middle earth/urth, ground level, surface of the sphere/planets/celestial bodies, the meeting place between (the ‘tween), earth spirits (fae), being, existence, connecting world, inter-dimensional beings, thought, mind, Father as consciousness & Mother as subconscious, ideas, inspiration, fire, burning/purging, change, dreams/visions, crossing of boundaries, the trickster, liminality, both order & chaos, where the mundane 3-D reality of daily life lies (is trapped) and where the doorway(s) lead(s) to both upper and lower worlds, “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (for both exist within this realm), etc. (male and female aspects meet, balance, blending, movement, change, combines structure with disorder, synchronicity, takes the best/worst from both worlds and combines them into one, harmony, disharmony, where the supernatural is manifested, meditation/prayer is strongest, etc.)….

and the LOWER WORLD sometimes called the underworld, hell, hollow earth, lower vibration body, caverns, and includes oceans/seas, the deep recesses and hidden mysteries of physical form, the earthy body (this realm can also include fire also as it is found naturally from within the urth, on the earth, and also can come from “heaven” – fire tends to be an element which crosses boundaries by itself into all three realms/worlds), dust, female aspects, sexual energy and reproduction, womb, “mother earth”, birth in the natural world, nourishment, lower existence, darkness, death (paradox: also has male aspects of structure, order, geology, ley lines, straight lines in sacred geometry, science, organization, data, electrical, rigid, bold, strength, power, solidity, stability, physical strength, “realness” or reality, left brain/right eye, why men are said to be more earthbound than women, Malchut, mundane, death, etc.)…

Many believe these are three distinct worlds, however many have come to believe that they are merely three separate aspects of one world… the three Unified Worlds as ONE.

It is here that we will take a look at what these worlds are, and how they, together, relate to what people call alternate realms, dimensions, angels, fallen angels, portals, orbs, “earth lights”, UFO’s, aliens, chupacabra, Bigfoot, ghosts/spirits, demons, other strange beings of many types, and a lot more.  We will seek the answers to how these three worlds are also WITHIN US, as human beings, and why we, of the “seemingly” middle urth, cross over to the other sides of the upper and lower worlds, and how entities from those worlds appear to cross over into ours, depending on our chosen reality.  For some this is on a continual basis, while for others the activity is suppressed (usually by themselves).  More on this below…